Interested in asymptomatic testing?

Asymptomatic testing is specifically for individuals that are not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and do not have known exposure to someone with the virus. Asymptomatic individuals are known to be significant contributors to the spread of the virus in our communities. The CDC now recommends asymptomatic testing to help prevent or reduce the silent spread of COVID-19. In addition, you should not participate in asymptomatic testing if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last three months.

PathAI Diagnostics has options available to organizations interested in establishing an asymptomatic testing program. But this type of testing is also available to individuals through our drive thru or through our Group POD Testing program. Because asymptomatic testing may not be covered by your health insurance provider, there is a cost for getting an asymptomatic COVID-19 test.

Need a COVID-19 test before you travel?

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While COVID-19 testing won’t prevent you from contracting the virus, it does help you stay informed about your existing health status, and confirm if it is safe for you to travel.

Whether you are required to have a negative result, or you are just playing it safe, we offer the RT-PCR COVID-19 test you need to travel with assurance. Most airlines or destinations require testing within 72-hours of travel, but check with your specific airline or destination for testing requirements.

What is group POD testing?

POD Testing is a form of surveillance testing available to groups or families that want to gather more safely. Anyone who is asymptomatic, defined as not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and has not been exposed to someone with the virus, is able to participate in POD testing. This type of testing is ideal for families, neighborhoods, community groups or individuals that want to participate in testing to ensure they are not silently spreading COVID-19.

How to participate in group POD testing:

  1. Pick up a pod testing kit for $100 at PathAI Diagnostics, Monday through Friday between the hours of 3pm-7pm.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions included in the pod kit to collect samples from up to 20 individuals per pod.
  3. Drop off the completed kit at PathAI Diagnostics, Monday through Friday between the hours of 3pm-7pm.

Contact Us with questions regarding our group pod testing program.

If you are interested in conducting group pod testing for your organization, check out what programs we have to offer.

Group POD Testing
Frequently asked questions

How does pod testing work?

Each individual collects a nasal specimen and puts it into the collection tube. The tube is then taken to PathAI Diagnostics, and the test is run on the tube using a real-time PCR molecular detection method. The test results are for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA, also known as COVID-19.

How long does it take to get results?

The result of the group pod will be reported, via email, within approximately 24-48 hours from the time the pod is received in the lab. The group coordinator will receive the result, and can then inform the individuals that participated in the pod test.

What if the group pod result is positive?

Each individual included in the pod, or test group, should get an individual COVID-19 test to rule out SARS-CoV-2 infection, even if not feeling sick or experiencing symptoms. Additionally, all individuals in the testing group should self isolate until individual results are received.

Are there any restrictions on who can participate in group pod testing?

Those experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, change in taste or smell, or fatigue should NOT participate in pod testing. Additionally, those who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past three months, or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, should NOT participate.

What does it mean if my group result is negative?

SARS-CoV-2 RNA was not detected in the pooled collection tube containing the swab samples from your group. No further action is needed.

If the pod result is positive, where can we go to get an individual COVID-19 test?

You may utilize the drive-thru at PathAI Diagnostics, or any site offering individual COVID-19 testing. You may also view a list of testing centers in Shelby County via the City of Memphis’ testing site list.